Solving The Shortfall in Community Infrastructure like Schools and Hospitals
Ischoolkidn attempting to find a solution to the shortfall of investment in community schools and hospitals, I have been developing a means to take advantage of the positive benefits of Credit Unions and Building Societies to enable communities to take control of solving the issues for themselves.

Community Infrastructure Deposits is a novel concept enabling people to save whilst contributing to their local communities. Through the use of Mutual who are community owned non-profit organisations, communities can take comfort that there is no profit motivation to conflict with education & health outcomes.


How Will They Work

  • Communities working with State. Federal Government departments identify a project that would qualify for Community Infrastructure Deposits.
  • An account is set up with a local mutual where the community can place deposits into that account.
  • This money is lent to the government department or a third party guaranteed by the government to build or purchase infrastructure.
  • The Government (or third party) will pay back the loan with interest.
  • This is returned to depositors as interest.

Parents can save money for retirement and help their children too:

  • You get to decide how your savings are used and to make sure it benefits you, your family and your community.
  • You are saving at the same time as contributing to your community and you receive a return on your investment.
  • The deposits are safe as they are used for government guaranteed loans.
  • The community raising the funds for the project will enable fast tracking of projects.
  • Community Infrastructure Deposits (CIDs) provide a vehicle that enables councils to invest in local communities instead of risky overseas investments.
  • CIDs enable self funded retirees to invest in hospitals and nursing homes in their local community.
  • CIDs enable parents to invest their savings into building classsrooms for their children.
  • CIDs provide a cheaper alternative of borrowing to current methods

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