Businesses have built a rod for their back
A frequent complaint of management is the growing costs and resources involved in compliance. This is an area where organisations can generate substantial savings as well as delivering better information to decision makers. This is how Dacono's enterprise system delivers business value.

Through osmosis, organisations have typically built a range of disconnected and disparate specialist systems over the years to cater for a range of specialist needs. This has become a major headache for organisations:

  • Duplication of working in entering the same data into multiple systems
  • Cost of training, license maintenance and support of multiple systems
  • Inconsistencies with each systems forecasts based on different assumptions
  • High level of error as they usually involve intensive manual data entry
  • Each system has to be audited for regulatory and compliance purposes

Imaging the savings in cost and resources if we could bring all those systems together into one system. We would get rid of duplication of work, remove inconsistencies and deliver information to decision makers sooner. This is the approach that Dacono is taking.

Convergence Solution

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