Dacono has released a new tool to give clients the autonomy to be able to build their own end of month, end of day or other types of extract programs without being dependent on or being delayed by third parties. This tool assists many of our clients to get over difficulties in getting access to their data as well as providing a number of benefits in regards to meeting the Governance and Compliance requirements of the organisation.

A growing requirement of Governance is for the organisation from the board down have to be able to ensure the veracity of management information used for due diligence in decision making and in regulatory reporting. This tool provides documentation and audit trails of where information is extracted from to satisfy external and regulatory auditors.

 Ease of Use
As simple as building a table of the items required and identifying which file and field that they come from as shown in the data dictionaries provided with the database application. At a click of a button, the user has an extract program that can be run on the mainframe and added to timed schedule runs.


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