Revolutionising Efficiencies in the Energy Sector

By thinking outside the square and breaking down entrenched methodologies in how energy is generated and energy is used there are significant efficiencies that can be gained.  Because electricity and fuel was so cheap it is an area where efficiencies have not been a focus.   With growing costs, resource limits and environmental concerns, efficient use of limited resources is now a critical issue.

To give some aspect to this, some figures around the world calculate around 80% of electricity generated is never used.  To put it differently, 4/5 of your power bill is to pay for electricity you never used.   If we generate efficiency that we can half the waste of electricity generation and halve the unnecessary generation of electricity that cannot be used then we are able to half the cost of electricity and half the carbon emissions.     Whilst I am sure arguments can be made about the numbers, the reality is that this is an area of great inefficiency that can be improved to benefit society and business profits.

The 2 options we have in front of us now:

  1.  Introduce a $20 carbon tax, that will increase the cost of electricity and at at the most hope for a 5% decrease in carbon emissions.


  1. Introduce efficiencies and half the cost of electricity, half the carbon emission and half the coal required to run power stations.

I am sure that we all agree Model 2 is a far better direction if it is feasible.

How is this feasible
Agian the usual suspect of entrenched thinking where experts become focused in one area and there is a need for fresh blood and fresh ideas to think outside the square.  The technologies have been available but specialists have not considered how to use these technologies in a different way and in different industries to where they have been focused.   This is where Dacono is adding its expertise to the energy sector to bring fresh innovation into the industry and give a different perspective to how current technologies could be used differently to achieve efficiencies.

Areas being developed:

  • Converting Carbon Dioxide into methanol as stored energy.
  • Generating Hydrogen far more cheaply for carbon free hydrogen engines.
  • Innovating the way homes use power to be more efficient.
  • Making solar technology a more effective alternative.
  • New bio fuels for Trucks and Trains.


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