Peace of mind is priceless.
Our goal is to give managers confidence in the difficult decisions they have to make in a complex and competitive environment. We assist management in tackling challenging times by providing a better approach to decision making. Dacono has 27 years of experience in assisting management in businesses development and have assisted in building resilient and agile businesses around the world.

Challenging the Norm
Successful businesses challenge entrenched views and assumptions. It is a key role of governance, strategic planning and risk management as the following points demonstrate.

  • Success comes from identifying opportunities where the rest of the market sees none
  • Practices that have become accepted over time are not necessarily efficient nor effective now.
  • The greatest risk exposure comes from accepted processes that have not adapted to changing circumstances.
  • Lost opportunities occur when we reject an idea based on past experience despite the original impairments no longer existing.

Our broad range of skills and experience in multiple businesses across multiple industries gives us a unique perspective of business and enables us to see what other may miss through being immersed in the organisation.

Differentiation and Agility is the key to success particularly in difficult times. However this is often encumbered by entrenched views that develop over time within the business and within industry professions.

We practice what we preach
Dacono stepped outside the square in understanding what management really need. We have differentiated our selves in the market by providing a unique solution that brings together the multi facets of governance, compliance, risk management and strategic planning into one enterprise system to deliver a whole new level of decision making support to management. 



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