Resources are diverted from income earning activities.
Organisations can no longer afford the cost, nor can they afford to divert valuable resources to manage the avalanche of complex business processes required for regulation and competition.

  • Having valuable trained staff tied up in non-productive activities.
  • Cost of training new staff to deal with all the specialist systems
  • Key employee risk where a few staff have all the system knowledge.
  • The cost of audit, testing, documenting, verification.

Increased risk of missed errors
With increased complexity comes the increased risk of errors. Staff are so busy compiling information to meet reporting deadlines, they do not have time to check, assess or make recommendations. It is critical for organisations to get this under control to achieve success.

Reporting Based on a Solid Foundation
Dacono is providing consulting and and enterprise management system to tackle this explosion in complexity. Executives can look forward to consistent, accurate and timely information that has been verified and scrutinised. We provide management peace of mind.


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