In the USA the explosion in compliance cost is driving organisations to find savings through rationalising the compliance, governance, strategic and risk management processes.   They have identified significant duplication of work, heavy manual intervention and inconsistency in assumptions and methods.    Added to that is a duplication in systems, support fees and duplication in internal/external audits.   Our philosophy of “One System, Insight in one” is focused on the rationalising of a range of these systems into one enterprise system providing savings.

Dac4cast is a system in a box.   It enables a financial institution to install a system and have board reporting, regulatory reporting, strategic planning, forecast and budgeting, risk management, dashboards up and running in a relative short time.   Dac4cast has:

  • Integrated workflow to reduce duplication
  • Audit, Security and control to ensure governance controls
  • A single framework for calculations including regulation and KPIs
  • A Financial Data Warehouse to run dashboards off.
  • Report generator and dashboard generator.
  • forecasting, repricing functionality.
  • Scenarios

Dac4cast pays for itself in months through reducing compliance costs and by build business through enhanced strategic planning.   At the end of the day it is about delivering information to directors and senior executive to enable them to make informed decisions with confidence.


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